Advancing The Avant (garde)

Wow we’ve really heated it up! Rumors of scandal and scams with the World Art Foundation! Has anything changed? No that’s how we’re in this mess, every bodies looking to rip some one off for EASY MONEY$$$$

Back to the world of art, my photographer friend Maggie Beresford of Australia introduced me to a great, seems yet unknown poet from England by the name of “Michael Kendrick Brown”. We’ve been talking the Avant-garde concept, seems Michael loves our art and interest in England is really climbing. He works with words coming to mind and then images and music develop in his head also. All that is then pulled together and comes out as handwritten poetry. So we have an ongoing project to get Michael into today’s Avant-garde tools to realize the whole compositional work, images words and all.

Maybe some time coming but this is an awesome poet, that would only hit the stratosphere of history making if he can come to this Avant-garde process. Check him out on “Face Book”

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