Message From New Member Ken Boe #2

“Yeah, regarding Post-Modernism, I have always questions its actual validity, or EXISTENCE, yet, I find myself still using the term and I have a friend who is very much in favor of it. My philosophy has been that Modernism was never exhausted, that we are still in its era and that this paradigm has not yet shifted on so how can we really say POST-Modernism? Yet the damn thing keep creeping around, claiming things like Installation Art, and Performance Art, even though these things are really just Modern. And then there’s Philosophy which started applying the term Modern centuries ago but I still think they haven’t advanced too much. What has changed are Gender Politics, and Race Politics, BUT, that evolution isn’t anywheres near complete yet. So maybe when all the races have blended into a single new race, and a bunch of other changes, then we might say POST_MODERN? So to agree with you, the Avant-Garde and Painting are not dead and cannot be dead for that matter, They own the edge, so get off my cloud academic fuc*s, “I own your language, you just study me!” Or they will be shortly, Wont they, tisk tisk.”


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