and so the story goes, thanks go out to the art patron who today 10/26/2009 stopped in to “Links” 412 Evans St in Greenville, NC and bought “Maryborough Waterlilies #5″ the 22nd and final print of that edition in large format. This work had been exhibited out at The WAF’s first ever Expo in California in June of 2009. Not to worry patrons there are a few other in existence approx seven, 36″ X 24” in Australia and a few 10 X 11.5’s here in Greenville, NC.

So be a part of history as this avant~garde movement takes off. It has already spread from Greenville, NC to Australia and into literature in California, with Maggie Beresford and Michael K Brown, of the respective areas.

It’s growing! Please check our site thoroughly as new works are uploaded through “Flickr” and appear under those headings in their respective slideshows.

Pioneering A Brand New Process for end2end Art Work Collecting from An Avant-garde Artist Known As “ROMERO”. Inspired by the way technology has transformed business, we have decided to think outside the box with a whole new digital process from end to end. Click the description in the slideshow to purchase work from the IkoVu, digital collection and build your art collection.


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