NO MORE Treyvon Martin’s!!!

NO MORE Treyvon Martin’s!!!

It was a warm summer’s day, somewhere about 1979 I believe, and  as I walked around the west village in my shorts having just played paddleball for exercise I stopped along the way looking at the sidewalk street vendors wares.

All of a sudden a big burly NYPD officer by the name of P.O. Hyte from the 6th precinct (mention his name because I know it must be a matter of record) approached and the black vendors started to scurry. The African woman, who’s wares I was looking at hurried to wrap her stuff but neglected to pick up her young 8 or 10 month old baby as he approached. So I blurted out, “I wonder if he’s gonna arrest the baby too”? to distract attention from the impending doom I saw for the woman and child.

As I walked away thinking I had adverted a disaster, I heard the cop exclaim, “Hold it ni66a”!!! Wow, did I hear right? It was 12pm, high noon, I felt as if I was in a Clint Eastwood movie as I wheeled around and saw PO Hyte glaring at me with a scowl of hatred. He followed it with, “Where are you going Ni66a, drop your paddle”? I thought is this cop crazy? He’s got a gun and all I have is a paddleball racket what kinda fair fight is that? So I yelled back as we stood facing each other, a crowd gathering of tourist, NYU student onlookers, “Drop your gun”!!! With that it was on, we charged each other and in the ensuing melee I got pushed down onto a black Cadillac parked at the curb. The searing heat of the black Cadillac car burnt the flesh right off of my right shoulder as he pinned me against it. The mark is still there to this very day 33 years later. PO Hyte’s patrol partner scurried out of the double parked patrol box van and helped his partner cuff me. They pushed me off into the van with the cuff’s excruciatingly tight and PO Hyte proceeded to beat me with my hands cuffed behind my back. I fought back for my very life with only my feet as I had learned in karate hoping to buy time and have the crowd hear this before getting killed in the van (Momma your artist son died defending the honor of an African woman with a baby).

All of a sudden a Jewish law student with a Yarmulke on, from NYU was brazen enough to poke his head into the van stopping the beating, and asked “What are you arresting him for”? PO Hyte kicked the student in the chest out of the doorway and told him, “Get outta here you F#*kin Kike”!!!

With that they brought me to the 6th Precinct holding me for hours not knowing what to do charging me with being an illegal vendor and resisting arrest. All the while I was in the lock up I could hear PO Hyte divvying up all the spoils of his raid on the street vendors with his buddies. “Who wants these sunglasses he exclaimed”???? What a horror. I was soon released with a desk appearance  ticket for disorderly conduct and there but for the Grace of God go I that could have been an early Treyvon Martin.

This racial hatred must end in the US, it’s tearing apart the country has Crispus Attacks rolling in his grave as the founding fathers had a completely different idea of Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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