@Venomous2000 TheUltraEmcee

 I picked up on @Venomous2000  TheUltraEmcee probably a few month’s ago. It might have been through my buddies site,Crazy Al Cayne TV I think. At any rate @Venomous2000’s music is easy to listen to conscious music that doesn’t attack the psyche so much as it is a transformational eye opener of lyrics.

      The glitzy cover is ripped off of the music industry to expose the raw money making machine of entertainment. What are we really striving for? To be entertained? To set up a value system for an art form? I think not. @Venoumous2000 is a master as exposing the P2P, and by that I don’t mean the usual “Point 2 Point” acronym, but rather proffer a new uncovered P2P, “Play 2 Profit”.


      That’s right the whole value system in creativity seems to be askew. The creation process has become quite an  insignificant process to what has become the profit process. In the post Napster era how do we monetize other’s creativity is the mantra, not what creative art form has been brought to the table. As per usual sex and violence sells, we don’t do art for art’s sake, we art for profit’s sake. Bean counter’s rule at the end of the day we need to show an ever increasing bottom line.

      Now if we look at the personal tastes of @Venoumous2000 we find that he listens to “WBGO 88.3 fm a local Jazz station out of Newark, NJ”. With that we say Kudo’s out to @Venomous2000 and look forward to the future of music with our presentation from the !kohausMusicGroup:



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