#ImagesAutoRepair #CPirateTV New Show Sponsor

Well there you have it. Not all the time can we stay out on the Pirate Ship nowadays. Pulling up to an island and looking for food, clothes and toiletries is not what is used to be in the olden Pirate days. So of course we Pirates have got to go grocery shopping, that is of course until the car we use breaks down. Then like everyone else we need an auto mechanic.

Just so happens when BlackCaesar went to repair the old Hoopty, they asked Black Caesar to help out on a coupla repair jobs! That’s right our mechanic Willie “P” had us pressing on the gas while he clocked the starter with a crowbar to inch it out of a dead spot while yours truly hit the gas. On another one I had to hold onto the brake with the car in drive whilst Willie “P” checked to see where there was an oil leak while also not running him over with the car.

Now you may ask, what the heck does that have to do with music?????? Ohhh yeah well now, we got us a show sponsor you see if your in the Winterville, NC area just call our Ace mechanic “Wille “P” and he’ll take care of your Maybach, Porsche, Honda, Chevy or even your Snapback!!!!

Just call him at 252 355 4776 or I’ll even give you his cell # 252 814 9198 and you too will have the most trusted mechanic South of Boston and East of LA. Just tell him, Black Caesar told you to call and ask about the special price to help sponsor our show.

Let’s go to the VIDEO, BACK 2 U NELLY!!!!!

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