East Coast Loses Revenue – As West Coast Gains

Musical tastes division surface again in Jerk music as they did previously in Hip Hop music during the Tupac/Biggie Smalls era. The Rangers the most popular Jerk group from California has been promoted on the East Coast by Black Caesar since August of 2009. In the beginning as is so far still the case no one supports the music on the East Coast except Black Caesar, and from his pocket.

Feelers have been sent out to areas in Charlotte, Raleigh, NC, Philadelphia, GA and Florida. Let’s look at the economics created by the first big show the Rangers did on the East Coast in a small town known as Greenville, NC. 3 Rangers and 1 manager traveled into Raleigh/Durham airport, round trip at a cost of $2,200. Musicians fee $3,000. Transportation by vehicle from airport and around Greenville approximately $200 in gas costs. Hotel accommodations for 4 for 3 days $400. Estimate for fans they came from out of state hotel stays $10,000 including food. Greenville performance venue for 500 $4,500. Audio Visuals special $300. Incidentals from shopping in town $3,000 for a grand estimated total conservatively of $24,000.

Now this is with no advertising other than flyers and facebook ads, imagine if there were advertising and seating opened up to 2,500? The West Coast is taking full advantage of this phenomena as there is nothing much else the United States can produce other than it’s number one export product music.

It appears as if as in past articles the East Coast is still entrenched in too much Good Ol’ Boy network and racism plays a major part in stifling the economic growth of the region.

With that lets take a look at a clip from the show with Black Caesar on Bass performing with the Rangers and see for ourselves what can be created with and for today’s youth while spurring the economy:

Back To You Nelly

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