Social App Art Geeks?

Ok so we know that artists create art work, but who creates apps???? That was the question as I headed into a clandestine Google+ meeting of a group that will go un-named, invited by my app inventor buddy Saul Fleischman. Now these guys may not be the inventor s of the apps, but they are […]

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You’ve Got To Pay To Play

Ahhhh You’re IN!! We will be playin your song soon at We are going to try a different approach to bootstrap our operation. We know that our content property CPirateTV is starting to catch traction World Wide with the music that we are streaming. So now we’re going to make the opportunity to get your […]

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The Cat? Is Out of The Bag

It’s time for Ikohaus Music Group to let the cat out of the bag. We’ve been testing our record group through the Tunecore platform since November of 2011, quite successfully. We’ve also coupled the music group with our CPirateTV channel property to be able to have an artist gain exposure on either our CPirateTV YouTube channel or […]

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Black Caesar and Brother Omar

Out on the Pirate Ship, The Queen Anne’s Revenge Black CaesarX is caught up in an off the cuff discussion with Writer and Author, Brother Omar. Listen in as they discuss the current state of music from the perspective of outside the box. They cover topics from the industry to the meaning of the lyrics […]

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