back 2 SkoolDance tour 2012: Starts Greenville, NC

It’s going down Ranger fans we’re putting you in charge, the fan. Simply put we are using S.M.E.O. “social media event organizing” to have your Rangers perform for you. We do all the organizing, making contracts with performers, flights, hotels, performance space,staffing, ticketing and hosting.

but we NEED YOU TO BUY THE TICKETS HERE or it DOESN’T happen. You see we cut out the middle man and act as YOUR intermediary between you and your artists. A revolutionary new idea to get you the events YOU want to see, not the other way around the events THEY want you to see.

Get your tickets now and make it happen, we got you. We did it already last year March 2011 as a beta test now we’re ready to grow the Jerk movement to it’s rightful place in the United States! Shout outs to the Rangers and J3rkBaZe™ App


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> BACK TO YOU NELLY


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