Greensboro, NC: Putting The Power Of Event Creation In the Hands of the Fans


!kohaus Music Group is further pioneering the use of an entirely new format in event creation. Using their broad influence with many of today’s top and upcoming new music genre stars they have put together a project code named “GR.A.C.E.L.A.N.D” SECURITY. The military styled acronym stands for: Groovy Avante-garde Content Entertainment Los Angeles and New York and Carolina Development SECURITY.

For the first time on their foray into the ATL market with the Rangers a historical first purchase was made by @Esh_Rangergang a Ranger music fan from California that loves the group so much she is going to travel from California to ATL to see them perform.

The concept is a win, win situation where the fans get the artists that we know and they want. If they don’t buy enough tickets no harm no foul, the event doesn’t happen and ethically as Ikohaus does business the funds are returned to their account.  You see as an Avante-garde artist we have studied business online at MIT Sloan Management Review and as a protege of Dr Lee Dean of the Business School at Pitt Community College. Ikohaus is creating a work of Social Community Art where the fans are involved in the design of the event,

Join in, if not you your kids or Grand kids and see where the future of music is at. The future economy will be entertainment, that’s the only creative thing we have left after machines create everything else other than Apps & Entertainment.

We’ve just added in Cashmere out of Brooklyn NY too.


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