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 Ok here’s the scoop and the latest on CPirateTV’s music project. You see about 1 year ago March, 2011 to be exact yours truly called out to the “Big Muckety Mucks” out at Bojangles in corporate down in Charlotte, NC. I had wanted them to sponsor our youth’s Jerk show with the Jerk group the Rangers. I got the usual bally hoo, “why don’t you try your local”, “We don’t do music”, “Do you know we’re in Charlotte, NC”. All of this after writing them with a detailed proposal.
 Lord have Mercy!!! Can you say ol skool business thinking boys and girls? That’s why they don’t get anywhere and can’t diversify, they’re unwilling to take chances and draw outside the lines in the coloring book little Johnny! Well let’s hope this blog get’s through to the “Big Muckety Mucks” at #NASCAR. You see @blackcaesarx was undercover out at NASCAR’s Bojangle’s Southern 500 race last weekend doing his alter ego security thing. Now mind you I was doing my security job to the hilt, but had a lot of fun while doing it. I got to meet the Fire Chief of Darlington a nice really personable guy and check the ID of owner Jack Roush of the Jack Roush racing team. Now a really cool guy was Leonard Wood owner of the Wood Brother’s Racing Team, we talked for quite a while and he showed and gave me one of his inventions which I won’t say what it is, but will hold on to it as a work of art done by the elder Leonard Wood. It’s amazing in the fact that after talking to Mr Wood and telling him I was a trained artist from Pratt and that his work had not one seam in it as is usual to works on metal, we discussed how he was able to achieve that.

NASCAR 5-20-2012 Show Promo Official Video CPirateTVm!X®

Darrell Wallace Jr
Now I met many other individuals and if you represent yourself correctly NASCAR guys are really cool, from the track maintenance guys from Talledaga that use an F-16 jet engine to clean and dry the track, to Miller Industries that does race car recovery, emergency rescue crew, fire guys and the brave dudes that man the trucks to go help drivers in wrecks and pick up debris while cars are still whizzing by at about 50 MPH under the caution.
I also met a Black bartender at the VIP Presidential Suite that discussed with me how more blacks needed to get back into racing like Wendell Scott, who I remembered as kid when I was into NASCAR watching the races on “Wide World of Sports”. He even told me that Wendell’s daughter that I remember going to the track with him was there that day at the race. What he didn’t know was NASCAR’s secret weapon! Black race car driver Darrell Wallace Jr. who really seems to be going strong with the help of his dad, who is white and black mom. It also doesn’t hurt that they have the backing of the famous Joe Gibbs race team.
      #NASCAR here’s what I’m suggesting, while I’ve got the whole East Coast Jerk movement looking for me to put on another function after putting in about $14K of my own money in 2011 for the Rangers and Wes Nyle to do a couple of shows when no one else would back the youth. I’ve got the youth from NJ to Ohio to Fla and overseas Brasil to Belgium, before I crowd source out our Jerk Music Web TV channel #CPirateTV why not NASCAR be the official sponsor of CPirateTV and open up some discussions on working with me to put on a function for the youth? Both Black and White? I have the expertise and the following of the Youth just waiting for a function to drop down on. What better place then to get them into NASCAR Racing and the music they already love to hear that would really liven up the sport!!!! NASCAR you can HMU (hit me up) right here below in the comments section so I know who I’m really talking to or just read the email I already sent to NASCAR fan feedback. 

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