Schools Out For Ever! – Online Learning Is In

Frances Densmore recording Blackfootchief Mountain Chief on a cylinder phonograph for the Bureau of American Ethnology (1916) Often wonder why musicians have digital capabilities? But artists still use the traditional paint, pencil, pen and airbrush techniques around since the stone age? Even photographers and film makers have just about gone completely digital, yet the artist still lags way behind. This artist […]

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!kohaus/Bauhaus: Is It Illegal Copying

Just like Samsung,  one might accuse !kohaus in copying the Bauhaus, by setting out with an educational school. USA TODAY See realtime coverage Apple victory means soul-searching for Samsung USA TODAY – ‎2 hours ago‎ SEOUL, South Korea – A U.S. jury’s $1 billion verdict against Samsung for what rival Apple claimed was the illegal copying of its iPhone and iPad designs signals […]

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Sending A Message @MichaelDell

Ohhhh We’re Sorry To See You Go We hope to see you again soon  Just like the “Dionne Warwick” song from 1966, !kohaus Music Group is sending a “Message To Michael” In this video blog we discuss the downturn in Dell sales and what out of the box thinking, prevalent during economic slowdowns can do. […]

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On A Quest For: @sammight69her

Left to right: Spotlight, Langston, Young Sam, Unknown Lady, Juliann and DayDay Now we know that, the twitter name for Young Sam might not be the most catchy. But leave it to today’s youth to completely explore all the possibilities of their 1st Amendments rights to free speech. With that being said this new music […]

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Is Art/Music and Film Merging? – Vilpas Vikings, Minä olin siellä (season trailer 2010-2011) The query string we would like to explore is: art, music and film; are they merging? Technology is taking astounding leaps and bounds according to “Moore’s Law“, but as creativity among the under 40 set wanes it is being replaced by the magic, that was previously reserved only for the big studios of artists, […]

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