!kohaus/Bauhaus: Is It Illegal Copying

Just like Samsung,  one might accuse !kohaus in copying the Bauhaus, by setting out with an educational school.

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Apple victory means soul-searching for Samsung

USA TODAY – ‎2 hours ago‎
SEOUL, South Korea – A U.S. jury’s $1 billion verdict against Samsung for what rival Apple claimed was the illegal copying of its iPhone and iPad designs signals a turning point for the South Korean electronics giant known for its prowess in adapting 

It’s new…I.E. (!kohausengage) and that is exactly what we are going to do. The Bauhaus was a school I much admired in my younger days beginning as an artist in the Industrial Department at the prestigious Brooklyn Technical HS, of course in Brooklyn, NY USA. There we were grounded  in creative thinking outside of the box, that I carried on with me to Pratt Institute, another fine art school just down the road. But when I left full of these creative ideas and visions, I was met with a rude abruptness. by the status quo as it was. I like to use the “Riddell” story to illustrate my point. Back in 1970, soon after arriving at Pratt, I contacted the Riddell company with the idea of a new football cleat design, that would pull them up to date with the fancy green shoes and I believe Nike footwear that many Pro-NFL’ers were using. To my astonishment for trying to advance their business, I was met with a curt, rude answer of, “We don’t need any outside designers, our shoes are just fine the way they are, and we don’t intend on changing anything”.


Wow, what a response… like, we would actually like to remain in the stone age! Here’s actually what you find today in 2012, when you look up “Cleats” on their website: http://www.riddell.com/?s=cleats
absolutely nothing, nada, zero, zilch. I guess they just gave away that entire market to Nike and others because of there unwillingness to change and adapt, and just leaving the football cleats the same way they had been since the 1920’s. Ahhh the way of the dinosaur.

This is where our school comes in, Ikohaus is about to launch the !e School. !kohausengage. We’re going to start with a course mainly for educators on how to use free off the shelf software to teach Digital Art. One of other new instructors Mischelle Dawn Wright will have to get through hurricane Issac in Louisiana before her course comes on line.
And there you have it not a copy but a brand new way and concept of teaching and education when it comes to school.

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