Closing In On 9/4/2012 Avante-garde launch

As we get closer to the launch of the ikohausengage avante-garde school, we as k you to take a look at the Ton Matton video and think about the value we place on money, above that of creativity. For at ikohaus we believe that this creativity is all we have left as the human race develops into the 21st century. We have machines to make most everything we need and cheap forms of labor manufacturing from China to India. So what else is left that we train so hard for in the colleges and the Universities.

We believe it is our creativity in the higher forms of art, music, dance, writing, photography and digital art etc that will win out over money making apps and false bravado extravaganza’s of showmanship. After all it is quality, not quantity, and substance not vapor that we should truly value.

Course ID Course Date Time On Line URL Cost Register
CCIDA Creative Concepts In Digital Art Sept 4th, 2012 6pm-7:30pm EDT TBA $50 Below


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