Avante-garde @SteeveAukingso

Steeve Aukingso

This is an account on my journey as an artist, of getting to know one of the brightest lights of our times in the world of Avante-garde art. If I am the Leonardo Da Vinci of cobbled digital, musical art processes to evoke my creations, then Steeve Aukingso of whom I’m proud to call my artist friend from Paris, France is most certainly the Michelangelo. Right now I cannot recall how we met in this Internet age, but I have known Steeve’s work for almost about a year. From the very outset, upon first seeing his work, I was struck with the beauty and the awe his photographs inspired. It was exceedingly evident that he had mastered more than the element of photography to include, fashion, makeup, music, web design and what many overlook the positioning stances of the models along with lighting that in itself is a creation with him.

Then while working on this piece, I looked around for a photograph of Steeve. I never met him personally and thought some of the models in the photo galleries might have been him, when to my surprise I found he was indeed as I had an inkling, a Black man. That issue did not change much, except for the fact that true Black artists are very rare in the 21st Century, most seem to express their talents in other areas and have forgotten, drawing, painting, writing and photography in the traditional sense.

For some past few months I had been out of touch with Steeve’s work as I worked on my own art and music projects, but I wondered what he had been up to, and decided to take a look. The new works mesmerized me as usual and I was struck by work that was set to music by Beyonce and Jay Z, “Me and My Girlfriend”. The idea at once came to me to make a video of the photo’s, but what he had already done stood as a work on it’s own, so I facebook chatted him up and asked if he would mind me screenshotting the slideshow with music for our CPirateTV streaming music channel. Through our facebook translator he agreed and as usual, I tweeted it out to him, Beyonce and Jay Z when it was done. It was then that I realized the Michelangelo of his work and how it needed to be kept intact as he had created it.

Word was sent out to Steeve Auckingso to become Ikohaus Avante-garde artists newest member in recognition of the groundbreaking 21st Century work that he is doing; setting the direction and standards for photographers yet to be seen. With that being said in regard to Steeve’s most humble spirit his video wall will show below and be installed on our !kohaus Artists Gallery Page:


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