The "Dark Project" Creating A New Art Form: Cinematheque Photography

Fashion photographer, Steeve Aukingso, Professional Photographer, Photographer paris; Aukingso; Art pics
by !kohaus founder “Carlos”

All Of A Sudden…
during my usual early morning ritual online in Greenville, North Carolina of going through emails, checking social media channels and firing up HootSuite’ I received a direct message from my friend the premier photographic talent on the planet, Steeve Aukingso: Nouveau projet photo en ligne: DARK GALAXY ( Styliste: Angela’ Anz Modèles: Dhala, Pauline, Nelson ) —> . A bientot!


I did not need to translate it from the French as I had been keeping an eye on what Steeve had been up to, and saw a heads up that he was starting something called the “Dark Project” that gave no clue of exactly what it was. However with my knowledge of Spanish and limited French I guessed it was the prelude of his new project.

First Look
Upon my first look at the site I was transfixed by strange ethereal, unearthly images. As the neurons fired, translating the images and cross referencing  the database in my brain a thought concept came to me. The images were like movie images but again they were still and motionless.

Ahh Haa!

What Steeve had succeeded in doing in collaboration with Angela Anz was making a 2D photograph Cinematheque.  No not 3D although there are many elements of 3D that I like to use also, with the technique of layering. The Cinematheque comes from the brains inherent tendency to make sense of the electronic impulses that it receives that may not be based on the brains core database of what it has perceived previously in reality, so it does something that I call preceiving an image, which is what happens when we see some of the modern Cinematheque movies like Transformers. The brain begins a dialogue, by deciphering for ex., where are those raindrops in relation to the man, which way is up etc.

Form and Function
The main difference between Steeve’s latest work and my work is the part that form plays in the function of the work. I tend to use the abstract form, color and design to communicate with the viewers brain. Steeve on the other hand uses the human form in place of the abstract. This is very interesting because it is something I’ve always wanted to do, but since my early training days as an artist at Pratt I have had issues with the human form. In my first year nude drawing class at Pratt, I was humiliated by the professor, a woman who exclaimed for all to hear, “Can you not draw a tit? Have you never seen a woman’s breast?” Well of course I had seen a few. After all I was a product of the 50’s in the American tradition people never disrobed in public or family view, so the only glimpses and touches I had was with my romantic interest which were quite few. 

What Remains
Steeve’s project along with Angela Anz “Dark Galaxy” sets a new direction in photography that I’ve coined as “Photography Cinematheque”. While I continue to push my direction in digital Giclée and we both continue to communicate albeit the language difference between French and English, it will be most interesting to see the convergence outcome of the two Avante-garde styles. As was most appropriately put by our lost in business Master WordSmith Michael K Brown: “We create in a nonphysical space and it is in the midst of this nexus that we relate to each other”. by master wordsmith Michael Kendrick Brown                                                                                                                                                                                                


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