Wooo Wooo Mutumia: Breaking Down Social Barriers

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We’re going to need some help here with the math not one of our stronger subjects.

The peers in my usual blogging group Triberr are subset A. Of which I am a member. But I am also a member Musician/Artist of set B and so is Kenyan superstar Bamzigi of which the like has never been seen since Manu Dibango. So let’s take a look at a Set, Venn Diagram explaining this –

Now correct me if I am wrong, but shown above we have “sophisticated set A” intersecting with “creative set B” at the point of  A∩B (explained as “A union B” for you stoopids I mean students* sorry a joke I use with my kids)? I am in that purple haze Jimi Hendrix area, and of course Bamzigi is in B.

a diffusion process in science. Some particles are dissolved in a glass of water. Initially, the particles are all near one corner of the glass. If the particles all randomly move around (“diffuse”) in the water, then the particles will eventually become distributed randomly and uniformly, and organized (but diffusion will still continue to occur, just that there will be no net flux).

Then If we are to correlate this with BioAllergy I mean Biology (another term I created to tease my advance placement 16 yr old that helped me with my Bio HW being smarter than me, as I quickly became allergic to it), suppose the walls of the Venn diagram allow diffusion? Ahhh haaa (you say, Ahh haaa?).

Possibly then, theoretically we can break down the social if you will barriers of Set A and Set B at their union points, and let the diffusion process (socialization) take place through the walls of A∩B. Hmmm that’s all a very nice story you say, but will it work?

Hey! Did I forget to tell you Ikohaus Music Group is an Avante-garde group? Let’s take this out of the theoretical lab and field test it. Ikohaus in case you didn’t know is against using animals for experimentation, so what the heck, we just went straight for the jugular and into human trials.

The only willing participants in set B for our grand Bauhaus style experiment to come out of qualifying was, Bamzigi. The others were to forgive the expression to self centered, and full of self importance similar to the characteristic traits of many in the sophisticated set (note to self: elements of self importance reside and are elements in both sets A+B).

Field Trials
We had already worked with and spoken to Bamzigi on a Soundcloud song catching our attention “Mutumia” so Ikohaus proceeded to dialogue with Bamzigi and garnered agreement to Join Venture a project getting that song and others out to iTunes. As part of any Joint Venture should be Bamzigi had to agree to pull his own weight and help Ikohaus promote his music catalog through the use of “social media”

After launching 3 songs into the digital global plasma of iTunes etc. downloads, we got a systemic reaction. We passed a twitter tweet to @DownYonderFLA a writer, editor, sailor, angler, explorer, raconteur, triathlete, amateur citrus-grower & semi-pro theologian masked as FLA journalist/pundit for 35 years, of Bamzigi’s Mutumia and lo and behold “Mikey Liked It!”

Breaking down the social barriers in social media is evidently possible, especially if the intermediary junction is a receptor of both the A and B sets or has an adapter molecule.


Mutumia – Single


To preview a song, mouse over the title and click Play. Open iTunes to buy and download music.

Customer Reviews

Dope Hit!! 

Bamzigizigi doesn’t disappoint with this one. EDM & Rap fusion with that African twist. Joint got me putting it on heavy rotation!! That 3050 Muzik!!

Top Albums and Songs By BamzigiZigi

Mutumia - Single, BamzigiZigi

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