Unboxing Social Media, Marketing and Music: SM3

SM<3, Social Media Marketing and Music ❤ (less than 3 sign or love) just like the Detroit Auto Show that recently opened !kohaus Music Group in conjunction with it's streaming HD video arm #CPirateTV is unveiling the new 2013 look, and what's more than that we are involving everyone that wants to be in Social Media, Marketing and Music together in one grande project.

We have learned that in the new music direction of  “Generation Y” social media plays an important part, but more significantly than that is the “support factor”. Although music is an important component of Generation Y video has become a critical part of the music industry. “Music video aims to deliver the song or give meaning to the song. People can easily relate to the song once they see where it is intended for. It can help listeners relate to the song and somehow feel that the song was written for them.” (* Article Dashboard The Importance of Music Videos)

Given this information we are opening up the #CPirateTV HD Global stream directly to advertisers who wish to socialize and advertise to the prime 15 to 24 year old music video watching segment. Currently our CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider, Livestream places relevant ads as rollovers or pre-rolls to our network. After talks and discussions with them, we’ve got their full support to move to a direct to sponsor format and will be ready to roll out with it, from the uptake from whomever comes aboard first.

Sample Still of Video Ad

The following will be our initial advertising rates for a maximum of 3 1/2 min video ads, on a 12 month subscription basis that will save you $800 USD. You can also contact us if you are interested in placing your product within a music video from among the many artists that we currently work with. Come and grow with us on the fastest growing entertainment platform, with over 11.38 avg viewer hours per viewer a day, from an increasing base of 944 page viewers per month from the US, UK, France, Canada, Russia, Germany, Kenya, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil and Australia.  To see what our #CPirateTV network in HD looks like click here: #CPirateTV


  • 15 sec to 3 1/2 min Video Ads 24/7 rotation $399/mo 1yr subscription 2 Months FREE $3,990(Includes: 12 FREE Link Ads instances with Click-to-buy 24hr (1 day) Spots)
  • 15 sec to 3 1/2 min Video Ad 24hr (1 day) Spot $24.99 per instance
  • 15 sec to 3 1/2 min Video with Click-to-buy Link Ad 24hr (1 day) Spot $25.99 per instance *According to availability
  • Click-to-buy Link Ad Component 24hr (1 day) $10 **CAN ONLY BE USED WITH 1 YR SUBSCRIPTION

*** Subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime. If prior to 2 months $399/mo will apply thereafter pro-rated at the yearly rate. Ikohaus Music Group and #CPirateTV reserve the right to refuse at anytime ads based on content we deem appropriate for our audience.

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