@WoodstockNow Can SM3 Resurrect the Jerk Movement? (Social Media Marketing & Music)

As the alter ego +BlackCaesar X I was working the twitter platform Thursday 1/17 evening when I spied a tweet from one of our old Ranger music fans Latoia:

Actually the Rangers show they were talking about was up in Greensboro, NC…the event that I threw in 2011 followed that, inspired by my then 18 yr old daughter that coaxed me to contact the Rangers and sponsor a show along with her to bring them to Greenville, NC.

Working with that show and the young Jerk people created an infinity for me with their cause of the “Jerk Movement”. As is commonly known the Jerk dance movement came out of the youth in California looking for a form of positive creative expression around 2009 versus the prevalent gang and guns atmosphere. Something I was absolutely behind, as so much Black on Black crime, killing was being committed senselessly and now the spiking gun violence in schools.

Something had to be done about this situation while positively reinforcing the youth. It was my experience in putting together that first show in 2011, that adults show a total lack of support for their youth until something happens. Especially minority group youths. Every company I went to about helping to sponsor our show turned us down. Car dealers, cell phone companies, clothing companies and local stores. That’s where I started to realize the youth were just like my generation back in the 60’s, they had to create their own movement. The only problem was open creativity and leadership qualities had not been taught to many, because most of them were brought up by Generation “X” ME parents and they were generation “Y”.

Skinny denim jean capri pants

The belief that these youth’s had no financial worth was preposterous. Didn’t anyone realize that these “skinny jeans” and “Vlado” footwear were costing their parents almost $50 a pop? Every youth had the latest hi-tech smart phone, and they are not cheap either.

Price : $ $54.99 $39.99

Back to my discussion with Latoia, I consider all these youth my kids, including the Rangers too, my daughters college friends have gone to affectionately calling me “Pops”. You see back in my music days in the 60’s I was in an interracial rock band thumpin on the bass and we had an agent that got us gigs all around the upper NYC area stretching up to Spring Valley, Nyack and Up State NY under the name of “Group Power”. From the 8th grade on through High School we generally $100/man per gig. A lot of money for a teen in 60’s dollars. So I explained the idea of going to the local Pepsi distributor in the area and seeing if they would sponsor a show. Or getting a Church to back us with a “BoJangles” discount coupon fundraiser.

After sleeping on those ideas, told to Latoia I again realized how fruitless and time consuming they may be. The local Pepsi company never answered my calls or emails before, so why would they do it again unless we had some traction already for them to hear about us. #CPirateTV, BlackCaesarX character and Ikohaus Music had grown quite sufficiently since that concert in 2011, so why not try to bring the Jerk Movement back and to Eastern North Carolina? After all the youth kept saying that Jerkin’ Ain’t Dead. Guys were hitting me up on twitter about them doing a show in Germany, Europe’s biggest Jerkin’ event “GER(K)MANY PART 2.

Personally I’ve had it…somebody has to stand up and do something. The guys in Germany (I’ve got a young dance crew buddies in Belgium), Australia, the Netherlands and Russia support their youth, and fly these American artists over there to perform without incident, while our own youth go unsupported and just get exploited by the big “Thick Heads”. I noticed while working for a Cellular TV company back in 95′ in tough Brooklyn NYC neighborhoods, that after we went through with the TV and came back a lot of thugs and hoods were off the streets because they now had something else to do too and watch cable TV.

So why not try something different and support the youth in their freedom of expression and talents? There’s only so much band practice, cheer leading and sports a youth can do before snapping under the rigorous pressure of having to over-achieve in the education system. We’re looking to spearhead a drive to guide and teach the youth, that if they would like to see a certain type of music and the industry won’t support them like we did back at “Woodstock” they can create a working movement and do it and fund it themselves and even possibly have a beneficial cause behind it using the tools they already have like twitter, facebook im’s and etc.

Hence is born “JerkStock I” We are in the process of contacting the creators of the 1969 Woodstock original founders John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Michael Lang and their families who have formed Woodstock ventures to create events and develop projects which are consistent with Woodstock’s values.

Find The JerkStock I Page Here and donate and do something for toady’s youths


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