Can Social Media Internet Technology Further A Transglobal Music Agenda?

We have done this before with transglobal internet collaboration of art with Ikohaus [carefully archived from 2009 for us by], but that was only four artists working between Australia, Italy and the US. Now our issue is how to put in place an infrastructure that we’ve created to promote and distribute a new music form […]

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We Are Where Ever Art !s

Lascaux-cave-painting The caves at Lascaux France are an amazing find. The artisans used the same types of pigmented paints that Egyptians used on the walls of the pyramids to last thousands of years, so that we have a good true glimpse into the past thoughts of the artist. Like Picasso, Paul Klee, Joseph Cornell and […]

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The Future Of The MP3 Download

Since the inception of Napster 13 years ago mp3 sales have been slumping. Currently the major swing in upcoming artists is giving music away in hopes as Mystakarta alludes to in an article he wrote 3/26/13; of being recognized by the “BIGS” Sony, Universal (UMG) and Warner. We were working with a music aggregator to get under-recognized African new Mizuka music […]

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