We Don’t Do This For The Money

Avant-garde Classical Composer Vito Palumbo Vito Palumbo is a very dear friend of mine and a member of Ikohaus Avant-garde artists. This is the story of how we became fast friends and artistic collaborators via the internet.The group had formed shortly before December of 2007 when the second inductee Maggie Beresford photographer of Australia, told me […]

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Working With MC’s and Artists

For a large portion of the day we’ve been working with the mobile, video on demand portion of the CPirateNetwork. Being on the cutting edge can make the task quite daunting as we find after talking with Livestream that only previously recorded live content can go into the library.Couple that together with the fact that […]

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What Is M.I.S.R.W.

M.I.S.R.W. Music Intelligence Submarine Race Watching is program developed by the CPiratenetwork to get underground music artists videos out to a worldwide audience. What we’ve noticed is that since the Occupy Wall Street Movements collapse, many in the music industry have followed suit and gone into “dumb it down mode”. The industry faced with drastic […]

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Trying to Understand Artists

This article guest written by: Syn Delano If I had a dollar for everytime someone referred to an artist as “crazy”, with disgust in their tone, I’d have enough money to never need to work for anyone else. I use the word ‘crazy’ heavily because I don’t view it as a bad thing. It is my belief that every […]

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