When The Amazon Honeymoon Is Over

When we first started working with Amazon and artwork in 2007 the engagement was a very on again off again tumultuous affair. It just was quite difficult getting to list artwork on Amazon if you were an artist that was still alive.Finally little by little things started to change in our relationship with Amazon, we guess as technology starting […]

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Museum In A Box: Concerto Barocco

While work is begun on a project called “Museum In A Box: Concerto Barocco” by Michael K Brown, Vito Palumbo and “Romero” we thought it may be good to give some background and preview of the work…the first to hear of the project was Paul Snookes a retired lecture professor from the University of Worcester in the […]

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It’s A Glut Out There

Sorry We’re Sold Out We hope to more in again soon email CPirateTV@gmail.com to request it. It’s A Glut Out There makes me wonder sometimeshow I keep from goin’ underDon’t Push Me Cause I’m Close To The Edge!A play on the famous hip hop words from Grandmaster Flash “The Message”Well we seem to be getting the message loud and clear […]

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