Art: The Concept Of Inclusive Growth In 2013

Something terrible is happening in the Fine Arts world. As institutions struggle with shrinking grants and endowments, new age art critics become in short supply, Afro-American and Hispanic American artists are being left out of the equation.

Now Native American art is another story as quite some value has been found by collectors for the traditional style of that art, but beyond that to current modern works we have no information. Again in the realm of Afro-American and Hispanic American art we can find no information on the current numbers. Why is that?

Simply put as an Afro/Hispanic American artist I believe it is because there simply is no official count or recognition be taken of these artists. This seems to portray trouble. By this I mean lets take a look at the music industry, in particular the recording industry. Just about since the invention of recorded music techniques, Blacks and Hispanics have been left out as recording engineers for various reasons, some of them being cost, but the others I am sure that you can imagine. Then of course some enterprising individual seeing a need to be fulfilled, a profit and using modern technology reduced the cost and equipment size of the tools needed to record music outside of a traditional big ticket studio. Now the average individual could get the same quality sound and produce a recording for a fraction of the cost and do it themselves. This caused the death knell for the traditional studio. Thereby we can see the direct effect of exclusionary business practices.

Therefore it is time for Ikohaus to take the Fine Arts underground as well. For quite some time we have worked with our art being on Amazon and in fact now it is. So in the true concept of Underground Artists we are looking for a self confident, social media marketer who is looking to work on a 30% net commission from our works on Amazon. Work from wherever you want and collaborate in the successful marketing of our art in a new and game changing fashion to the traditional art sales agent.

If you’re interested you can see our work on Amazon and contact us by email at 


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