#TuneIn To The Latest and Greatest In Pirate Underground Streaming Television

Well it has been a while in the works starting in about 2011 when we started broadcasting on the Livestream platform. We took the unnoticed under recognized talent of Hip Hop, Rap and Beat music that the big companies either did not have on their radar or thought were not profitable and broadcast them in HD video format streamed worldwide.

We were not sure what to expect, but with a blend of live music videos during daytime operations and an overnight autopilot time slot, things we bumping 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Artists that never received airplay were now being seen worldwide like UK female rappers “Daddy’s Girls” and the Infamous “SaltnPepa”.

Interviews with the likes of OG KokaneDJ Ronin, DJ Sincere, DJ Kunteh, Grand Surgeon, MoWii ELViz (aka Mowii Madonna), and The Velcro Lewis Group. Not many including the artists seem to understand what we are doing or catch the gravity of it. An artists life can be a short lived one and many of the critics and fans may not get to see the value of but a few chosen artists work. This however does not diminish the quality of their talent. They simply lack exposure.

In our attempt to level the playing field that’s exactly what we do and now have partnered with ShottaTV to be able to remove the ads from our player. Along with the Transatlantic partnership comes the fact that we now can afford US artists, DJ’s and the likes their own channel.

Stay tuned for further developments, and if you’re interested in getting information on how you can start your own channel email us at CPirateTV@gmail.com 


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