Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

by Shariyka Romero 

Figure 1 No Crease HairTies

Welcome to TruImage– specializing in custom-designed headbands and jewelry for your collection and fashion needs! I love designing jewelry and accessories and I am thrilled to share my passion with you!

TruImage initially started with earrings. Now, we have expanded our selection and have everything from earrings to bracelets to necklaces and headbands, etc. Most of our headbands are made from fold over elastic. Our earrings are made with sterling silver hooks. Every piece is one of a kind and is made with love and care.

Figure 2 Chunky Faux Pearl Bracelet

Our recent piece, the Chunky Faux Pearl Bracelet would make a great addition to your collection. Every woman needs jewelry to compliment her wardrobe! This is a beautiful faux pearl bracelet that is perfect for everything from bringing baby home from the hospital, photo shoots, christenings or baby blessings, weddings and even everyday wear. This bracelet also makes a great gift! 

We have a wide selection and are expanding it every day. Take a look around!


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