Chapter #62 The Final Story – The Rebirth Of Woodstock – GREENSTOCKOne

Join The GREENSTOCKOne Blitz Team

The days and the events stitched  themselves together like a gigantic quilt covering the United States as I thought and walked through nature in the Jaycee Park. 

They stretched all the way back to that day during Christmas in the 60’s upon seeing the Murray The “K” Show, all the way through Woodstock and on up into the 21st Century of today.

The simple idea: what if we used the template of both the Murray The K Show and the free wheeling togetherness of Woodstock into one event encompassing music, green technology, producing a profit, paying artists for their talents, employing and empowering fans all at the same time!

Now all that remains is getting everyone on-board… (GREENSTOCKOne Blitz Active Preview)

I personally remember sitting in the front rows at Woodstock watching the event and thinking if I could only duplicate that experience, and mix in artists from the Indie up and coming realm, rather than just the famous.

Also make it a profitable event for the organizers while giving it away for free or close to next to nothing, to make it affordable.

Well that’s exactly what we have planned for the kickoff of GreenstockOne, but we need your help to make it happen. So far we have Treach from Naughty By Nature, Superhandland, Metric Man, The Velcro Lewis Band and the 050 Boyz.

We need a DJ and have a venue in mind, in idyllic Greenville, North Carolina. The beauty of it is the team we are asking you to join can make the event happen, by getting the word out in a planned Blitz crowd sourced campaign. Depending on the funds we can raise by empowering the fans, the event can be scalable, to stretch over more than one day and we have a content delivery company in mind that can broadcast the entire event over our YouTube channel, so fans globally can watch for free.

Now all we need is your help to make the first one happen, then we can do it again and again pulling from the vast resource of musicians and artists right here.

Please join in and be a part of this great 21st Century Woodstock re-imagined just email me aka BlackCaesarX at with GreenStockOne as the subject line.

Let’s make it happen… again and again and again


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