#HipHop’s new economic model by #CPNSOne the pinnacle of American music comes alive in the US

As you may have heard Hip Hop has just (smile we knew this since 1969 spoken word) eclipsed all other American music genre’s to be the number one influence in American music culture since Elvis in the 60’s and the Beatles. They just didn’t go so far as to say it eclipsed Elvis, but they did say it eclipsed such acts as The Beatles and The Stones. 

Wow there’s some sympathy for the devil. Anyways since early on it’s been about recognition for the transition of the spoken word to hip hop being recognized as an “art form”. Also empowering the people to cut out the greedy, corrupt music industry bigs that just leach out the artists since the days of Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers til now co-opting and robbing the music and the artists blind.

How do I know??? Cause I was there from the early days of Rock n Roll through all the iterations til now. Well there you have it, one venue in NYC is already and set to go with the likes of the Legendary Kokane.

Oh yeaah and by the way I’ve finished a conversation with a white producer I’ve been trying to contact for a while and we’re in the beginning stages of partnering up our CPirateNetwork with his Spazz Fests and we’ll see about turning the music world another 360°…

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