Stone Soup Season 1 Episode 6

By: TruImageLast Saturday, we talked with Akil Jabbar, owner of Asim Supreme Products. Akil informed us about the products in his line. For example, the African Black Soap, which incidentally is not black it is actually a brownish color due to its ingredients. We were also able to talk with Akil to find out how he […]

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Stone Soup Season 1 Episode 5

By: TruImage Last Saturday, BlackCaesarX talked with David Rosen, award winning composer and producer. Viewers found out about his upcoming projects and looked at samples of his video work. In case you missed it, you can catch the replay here. This Saturday, on Stone Soup Episode 5, our guests will be Tim Wilson, host of the “What Up […]

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Social Engagement Art

Here while creating the process and work flow for streaming on with an Android based mobile situation, I have an impromptu talk and discussion with Rabbi a guitar player out of Chicago Illinois covering topics from Blues to Rock and even including Woodstock in the current day scheme of things. This article started out […]

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