Why Should You Collect Art?

By: TruImageWhat do you do when you receive artwork? Were you indecisive on the perfect place to hang your new wall art? These are all questions that first time art buyers have. You may not consider yourself an art collector and that is fine. Maybe you’re hesitant about collecting art. Most people believe that you have to have a […]

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The Art of Being a Lady: Mysterious Velvet by Romero

By: TruImage RomeroMysterious Velvet, 2016 In March, Romero shared his most recent work Mysterious Velvet in time for Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. This work is also a part of his Real Life Series of paintings inspired by 60s velvet paintings. For artist Romero, his stylus is pigment. The North Carolina-based artist artist experiments with bold […]

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Breakthrough: We Made It

Romero Avantgarde artist It has been a long time, but that doesn’t mean as an artist I was not busy. So let me take the time to make it a matter of record that I am pioneering another piece, I believe a major one to the Creativity TheNew Economy Project, CTEP for short. As an […]

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