Back To The Bridge – The Shared Experience Architecture

by Romero

The “Bridge” in my mind a shared conduit, an extension of my experience into your experience, where are all the other you’s on the planet exist.

How do we come to an understanding of each other? We must “bridge” the gap of our thought process like computers connected to a network and communicate a shared thought, vision, auditory, ambulatory or culinary experience and together we arrive at a place of discord or accord, whatever the case the duality is ever present just like the two sides of a bridge.

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Why am I revisiting the “Bridge” theme? I came to realize that my life as an artist and musician had taken on a life of it’s own. Grown legs, so to speak

buddy Saul Fleischman CEO of Ritetag

and had started walking! In my blogs analytics which I often look into, to my surprise and article that was written in March of 2012, Form and Function: In The Synaptic Process (Web), was still garnering attention.

But what we have here, going on today is an uncooperative, reluctance to enter into the Digital Revolution of the 21st century. We never train society for the new advances of the future, because we are totally engrossed in the here and now, and the future seems risky at best. However, what are we missing? What creativity and genius have we lost as a result of this tendency?

This is what I realized with my bridge concept, that is being constructed in Greenville, NC. If a concept and an idea receive funding from whatever the source is, it can come into fruition and the risk having been taken is either a boon or bust. But a creative work of the arts is more

Outside The Lines
by Romero

complex and as such is more open to the dogmatic views of society, and if this direction is allowed to take hold great works are lost into the ether or appropriated by others.

In hindsight I have been at this creative work for my entire life. Many friends and family tell me about the commercial aspects, it should be this and it should be that, and I should be doing it this way or that way. That is not a shared experience, it just a plain and simple old experience of that is the way things were done before, so we should do it that way again… AAHHHhhhhh – so where is the progress into the 21st century? As I tell my now grown children many times stop being so resistant. Allow yourself to be experienced, for is that not our teacher? Experiencing the new and practicing and practicing the new found principles until it turns into an art. 

That is why I have foregone the commercial. Do not have an agent or a publicist. Instead I rather prefer living amongst the people, interacting and socializing from within that experience what better way for an artist, whose job it is to reflect the society in which they live.

So that brings us to the Shared Experience Architecture. What is that you might ask. Well for so long humanity has been playing in the sandbox talking about this is MINE, and you can’t have it or fighting over who gets the sand bucket and who gets the shovel. Well in the 21st century humanity has elevated itself in the Digital Revolution, but that has brought about another inherent change which we are having trouble coming to grips with for the failure of not wishing to give up the old way of holding people in terms of race, religion and regard. 

The Age of Enlightenment is here! Us hippies talked about that long ago the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the coming millennials (indigo children). So commercially I have stopped really caring if I can use people as paint to create a human painting, selling my works or working with artists to put on performances. Why? Because I have already succeeded at this. 

Where I am going is that until humanity realizes it’s interconnectedness in a state of enlightenment and uses the power to share the resources it has to create works on its own, whether with an organizer or en masse, the Digital Revolution is just that, no pun intended, “Revolution Without A Cause!”

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