7 Affordable Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

By: TruImage

Are you searching for a holiday gift for the special art lover in your life? Maybe you want to give a personal and timeless gift. No worries, we have your back.

Give the gift of daily inspiration with artwork.

With the holidays coming up, here’s a handful of Ikohaus works to give your art lover in a range of price points.

Sounds good? Let’s get to it, you have Christmas shopping to do.

Grab your Ikohaus Holiday Gift Guide for Art Lovers. To download this free holiday gift guide, click here.

See a work that catches your eye? Click on the works below to shop.

For the pastel lover: Test Zoom #1

Test Zoom #1 by Romero, available at Ikohaus
Test Zoom #1

A pastel lover’s dream come true. Pastels are aesthetically pleasing and soothing. Try displaying this work in your office or living room for a classy and sophisticated look. 

For the nature lover: Construct #2 Leaves

Construct #2 Leaves by Romero, available at Ikohaus
Construct #2 Leaves

Want to add some fall color to your decor without painting? Try Construct #2 Leaves, a painting that includes earthy tones. Keep your home feeling warm and inviting as the temperature gets cool outside. 

Give the gift of a warm and cozy home with this painting. 

For the zen master: Spatter #5 Meditative Eye

Spatter #5 Meditative Eye by Romero, available at Ikohaus
Spatter #5 Meditative Eye

Abstract yet serene. A bright colorful piece of original abstract art to bring tranquility to your living space. Boost your art collection with a paint color that brings out the work’s color and detail.

For the abstract lover: MissStep

MissStep by Romero, available at Ikohaus

Bold artwork to make your room come alive. Red is the color of blood, fire, love, and passion. This painting works in all decorating styles contemporary, modern, traditional or country.

Add MissStep to your room to make a statement. Red adds coziness and warmth to a room. 

Step outside your comfort zone. 

Daring and bold, this painting demands attention. Try this fiery painting in lively spaces such as your dining or workout room.

For the floral lover: Maryborough Central Victoria, Maryborough Waterlilies, and Spider Orchid

These floral paintings add blooming beauty in any room. Floral works add an interesting balance to the dining room and create a good conversational topic for your guests. Nothing like a good conversation over a delicious meal.

Display any one of these works below from the Ikohaus Flower Series in your dining area. 

Maryborough Central Victoria by Maggie Beresford and Romero, available at Ikohaus
Maggie Beresford and Romero
Maryborough Central Victoria

Did you know that red roses are the symbol of love and beauty in the Western culture? They also symbolize courage and passion. The lavish green colors create an exquisite garden atmosphere.

This painting creates excitement and draws attention in any room.

Maryborough Waterlilies by Maggie Beresford and Romero, available at Ikohaus
Maggie Beresford and Romero
Maryborough Waterlilies

Have you ever walked into a room and felt good vibes? The interior designer carefully used color and texture to create a specific feel, just like an artist does with an artwork. Maggie Beresford and Romero’s Maryborough Waterlilies makes a room relaxing.

Romero’s brush strokes and dramatic use of color evokes a sense of peace. Heavy brush strokes create rippling motions for a calming effect. The result? Your eye roams in all directions because the work is full of movement.

Spider Orchid is available in our IkoVu collection. Art you love from Ikohaus, now on your TV. Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to cast your Ikohaus art collection right to your big screen.

Spider Orchid by Maggie Beresford and Romero, available at Ikohaus

Want to become an early adopter of our IkoVu Digital Collection? Email us today at ikohaus@gmail.com to get started.

Have you heard about the rare spider orchid? Extremely rare that scientists will not disclose the plant’s location. Sounds scarce?

Australian photographer, Maggie Beresford and digital Avant-Garde painter from the U.S. Romero collaborated to create this painting that captures the rare beauty.

All things considered, art enhances your daily life. Give the gift of a cozy home. Paintings give you the perfect finishing touch to beautify your home.

Download Ikohaus’ free holiday gift guide for the special art lover in your life.

What’s on your list this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

The works in this post can be commissioned. Want to purchase works in a custom size? Let us know in the comments. Or email ikohaus@gmail.com.

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