Blue Nocturne: Return To My Core – In Digital Cinematic 4K Mode

The life of a non-commercial Avantgarde artist can be most difficult. The adoption of new concepts and breakthroughs can be daunting.

None the less I continue the exploration of Art, mainly just for well being of the continued growth of the form. Now do not get me wrong the financial side allows artists to really experiment and stretch out, but not I believe at the cost of the integrity of the artist. How can an artist really reflect society as a whole, if they are immersed in an artificial cocoon of plastic publicity manufactured by an agency?

Bringing me to the introduction of some further workings I have been doing on the, end2end digital process. Those that have been following the journey on these pages for some 10 years or so have been afforded the chance to engage and see the Real artist, not a concocted stage presence. With that I am working on the launch of “stARTtr” pack of totally digital new work formats for Black Friday on November 25th 2016.

The goal of this project is to not only help fund the creative works I undertake, but to bring art back into the social fabric of everyday life. What early adopters will be able to say is that, they were there from the beginning. Before others start to copy the avantgarde concepts I will start laying the path to.

Let us start with this first work “Blue Nocturne 10-4-2016” done in my patented digital style using, Gimp, Art Rage software, Google picture editing and delivered securely to you the patron with Google Slides. Now Slides is available, which brings the work down from the Cloud where it is stored and can then be displayed via Chromecast, Google Home and many others to the large screen display in your home or office.What is very different about the concept that I have been talking and working on for quite sometime, is that each work purchased is

Blue Nocturne
by Romero


dedicated to the user only and can then be collected across their various devices. So say for example they would like to display this work at their place of work on a large display. Simply plug the Chromecast device into the screen and cast your work to the screen. It cannot be stolen because you must sign in for authentication to access it. It cannot be altered or printed as the work is view only. Should you lose your device we can pull it back and re-issue it to your new one. Should you one day decide to sell your work, no longer is the artist or the estate left out as the transfer of ownership and sale would be made through the artist and their spokesperson.

I hope you enjoy re-examining the joy of owning, displaying and collecting art as I endeavor to spread the adoption across a wider user base and you can remember you were a part of that discovery.


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