Go Tell It To The Rock – Chap 1

By Romero continued from the Foreword

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As we stepped off of the elevator, I had a sense of anticipation both from what was said, and my looking forward to the walk we were about to take to the Avenue.

The Avenue is what everyone called the street where numerous stores of all types of varieties where located, accessible to most of the people within a given geographical area. I guess you might say it was the forerunner of the malls of today.

We always walked to the Avenue, approximately a five mile walk in each direction. Even though this was the North East Bronx in New York City it still was very suburban, almost country like with many Italian home owners having goats for milk, cheese, grape vineyards, unpaved roads, dirt roads, plenty of wooded areas and even the occasional swamp. Funny though it seemed very

natural to my experience at the time; but across the street from the Edenwald development where we lived off of Schieffelin Ave was a very deep wooded area, part of what was called Seton Falls National Park. Guys from the Projects would head out with a bow and arrow and go pheasant hunting in those deep wooded area. Even as we kids played close to the hunting areas in the same woods!

My mother, Ruby was her name, and I headed out of the lobby into the bright sunshine of early summer. I forget now, whether we were still in school or not, but my mind drifted to the strange thoughts of how long it would take for me to become older. Kind of like the old song “You Can’t Hurry Love. You Just Have To Wait.” It is more like, you can’t hurry age and wisdom, you just have to wait.

After what seemed liked 30 minutes of walking we were up to 222nd between Barnes & White Plains Rd, right near our Church St Luke’s Episcopal, when a strange feeling came over me. Like in a meditational state I could hear the droning of a propeller plane approaching and instinctively looked skywards. As I peered into the sky looking for the plane a spiritual sense

enveloped me in a type of warmness that is hard to explain, and I felt a oneness with the Universe. It was as if I was communing with the Almighty. I looked to my mother to see if there was any indication that she had the same awareness as me, but detected nothing.

As the droning of the prop plane continued I gazed at the warm sun and mentally talked with the Almighty asking that I should want to somehow make a vast difference in the plight of humanity. What a grand thought that was in hindsight with even enough young gall installed, that I asked if I could be given a sign, so I would know it was acknowledged and another when it was underway. Of course I received nothing discernible and started to think maybe I was too small to matter or be heard, and finally I would just have to wait and see.

The rest of our walk was uneventful, I conned my Mom into buying some plastic toy soldiers so that I could play Army with my friends indoors on rainy days. After, we just returned home as my mind turned over forecasts of what I thought the future might hold.

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