BreakThrough In A.R.T.

It is about time that the artist has caught up to date with modern technology. Musicians, Photographers and Filmmakers have long ago accepted the digital revolution, but artists have lagged far behind. Sure a lot of gee whiz lights flashing, use of old industrial parts and digital drawing tools (the main tool I now use) have crept onto […]

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We Don’t Do This For The Money

Avant-garde Classical Composer Vito Palumbo Vito Palumbo is a very dear friend of mine and a member of Ikohaus Avant-garde artists. This is the story of how we became fast friends and artistic collaborators via the internet.The group had formed shortly before December of 2007 when the second inductee Maggie Beresford photographer of Australia, told me […]

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Coming together

Things finally start coming together at our site. You can preview how our site will be, or jump back through our new mobile portal to the archives. Even travel down under to catch up on Australian news.

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Art On Amazon.Com 2

We find that tags are very important on Amazon. Not having enough let’s descriptors can seriously limit the ability to create traffic. I’m currently working on greatly enhancing the tags for my work on Amazon and evaluating the Amazon fulfillment program, whereby works are sent to Amazon for fulfillment to customers in their Amazon Prime […]

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