Working With MC’s and Artists

For a large portion of the day we’ve been working with the mobile, video on demand portion of the CPirateNetwork. Being on the cutting edge can make the task quite daunting as we find after talking with Livestream that only previously recorded live content can go into the library.Couple that together with the fact that […]

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On A Quest For: @sammight69her

Left to right: Spotlight, Langston, Young Sam, Unknown Lady, Juliann and DayDay Now we know that, the twitter name for Young Sam might not be the most catchy. But leave it to today’s youth to completely explore all the possibilities of their 1st Amendments rights to free speech. With that being said this new music […]

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Greensboro, NC: Putting The Power Of Event Creation In the Hands of the Fans

RETRACTED !kohaus Music Group is further pioneering the use of an entirely new format in event creation. Using their broad influence with many of today’s top and upcoming new music genre stars they have put together a project code named “GR.A.C.E.L.A.N.D” SECURITY. The military styled acronym stands for: Groovy Avante-garde Content Entertainment Los Angeles and […]

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